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WMS International Energy, Management & Leasing Services (WMS) is a 100% Bahamian –owned privately held company established to provide a full range of services in investor relations, management ,energy ,consultation, access to financing, local and international professionals, regulatory, corporate, business support services, and development financing.

At WMS and our affiliate companies, our collective experiences and expertise, which encompass projects and clients in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the United States and the world; enable us to provide services and recommendations based on practical insights and the knowledge of our client’s needs. We will undertake and manage any project within the realm of our expertise regardless of its size or complexity. Whether it is through partnering with a third party or stand alone, our goal is to deliver every project on schedule and within budget using best practices.


The Nassau Guardian Ltd.

"Mr. Marvin W. Smith is a qualified individual whom I am sure will prove to be a top performer."

The Late Kenneth N. Francis
Publisher & General Manager

Deltec Banking Corporation Ltd.

"We have not regretted this decision for one moment as Mr. Smith and his company performed professionally, on time, to plan and within budget."

Grodon Bradshaw,
Former Vice President & Controller





















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