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WMS and our affiliate companies provides outstanding client services by:

Managing Director Wilfred Marvin Smith

Wilfred Marvin Smith currently serves as President, Managing Director and CEO of; WMS International Energy, Management & Leasing Services, Green Fuel Enterprises LLC and Green Fuel Enterprises Ltd.  Mr. Smith has more that 30 years of experience in international business, finance, energy and corporate consulting.  He is a Bahamian citizen, executive and former Chairman of the Bahamas Business Association.  Mr. Smith has established relationships within the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Canada, the United States and around the world.  Those relationships have allowed him to create partnerships and assist with project investments and developments on behalf of his international clients.

Mr. Smith currently represents, provides solutions and offers global services, products and consulting expertise for seven multi-national Corporations.  Those corporations generated  collective annual revenues last year of US $50 billion dollars, has over 300 years of collective, proven experience, and operates in more than 56 countries.  They are world leaders in their chosen fields of international finance, manufacturers of energy conservation, efficiency products, renewable energy, OTEC, BIO-OIL, Solar Systems, second homes, real estate and tourism development.

He provides his clients with company incorporation, representation, country support, management services, access to his affiliates legal, fiduciary, intermediary, boutique registered and family office services, opening of bank accounts, prepares application for permanent residence status, accounting banking, investments and funding channels.  Other services offered includes: corporate nominee shareholders, professional access, and consulting services for his Bahamian, Caribbean or American project or interests.  Mr. Smith and his affiliates offer valuable insight, proven experience on local issues, laws, company incorporation, regulations, obtaining permits, knowledge of government requirements needed for a successful outcome.


Our Consultants & Affiliate Companies

At WMS, our consultants and affiliate companies are our greatest assets. We consult highly qualified and skilled persons, in order to harness their talents and expertise. In doing so, we are able to assemble the best project teams for each project.

Our management personnel are comprised of project managers, consultants, legal professionals, logistics/procurement coordinators and advisors. We also consult some of the best professionals available both locally and internationally and can access professionals in the Bahamas and around the world.



The Royal Bahamas Police Force

"Mr. Smith completed the entire work contracted to him..."

Mr. Ellison E. Greenslade, MBA,
Commissioner of Police

The National Insurance Board of the Bahamas

“We are very pleased with the timeliness and professionalism performed by his [Wilfred Marvin Smith] Company and the after sales service. We do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Smith and his company to you.”

Mr. Lennox McCartney,
Former Director

Super Value Food Stores Ltd.

“For the past 9 years, and in particular the last 5 years, where the undersigned has had the privilege of working very close to [Mr. Smith], he has shown qualities of being able to take the initiative in a professional way and produce.”

Mr. Rupert W. Roberts, Jr.,

Public Hospitals Authority of the Bahamas

“This work was done to our specification and we were indeed very satisfied with the quality of service rendered by

Mr. Wilfred Marvin Smith ”

Mr. Andil B. LaRoda,
Former Senior Administrator



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