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The varied needs of our owners in today’s market place allows WMS to offer a range of other services which cater to clients in almost any sector including commercial, residential, government and infrastructure works. Other services include:




WMS International provides extensive country representation of international and local professionals, services, and products that give our clients a superior advantage when doing business in the Bahamas.




WMS Energy provides a holistic approach for renewable energy, drinking water, deep sea water cooling, Mari-culture and energy security for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), Less Develop States (LDS), G-77 nations and African Caribbean & Pacific States (ACP) worldwide:At PER kWh rates starting at (5.84 cents to .28 cents per kWh) below fossil fuel (LNG, CG and diesel kWh rates)!


We deliver electricity conservation, efficiency and savings at the micro level for (homes, private business, large factories, hotels, NGOs, charities, churches, Government ministries, departments, agencies and corporations).


At the macro level we provide access to equipment from multi-national corporations, advanced technology, proven expertise, a path to “Guaranteed Energy Security¬©”, 100% funding and financing for base-load, dispatch able, scalable, sustainable, predictable, environmentally positive, community minded, exportable, country ownership, GDP growth, job creating, profitable, utility scale electricity and power generation.




WMS Management provides a wealth of experience, certified, licensed, corporate and business, and regulatory support services unmatched in the Bahamas.


WMS Consultant Services provide additional benefits to our clients from our local and international team. We assist with management, personnel, consultation, securing , experts, purchasing , training, advice, reports, investor relations, environmental studies, financing, company, representation, Government approval processes and public relations, to mention a few.


Leasing Services

WMS provides equipment, technology and products leasing services through our joint venture partners, affiliates, bankers, private investors, and multi-national firms. This provides financing to secure our renewable energy equipment, technology and products.

Our affiliates terms and conditions are: on a case by case, project by project, company by company and country by country basis. Some terms are as follows:

* Public Private Partnership
** Power Purchase Agreement



Development & Investment:

WMS Development & Investment Services introduce foreign and local investors to investment and development opportunities in the Bahamas. We provide (in accordance with other professionals) investors with comprehensive regulatory and corporate support services.

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